Can you add new climate file and multiple shading devices?

asked 2019-08-19 15:38:14 +0000

anonymous user



I have just downloaded SSF ESBO 2.2.1 SA and I have few questions.

  1. Our project is in Ystad, Sweden but i don´t find the climate file in your online climate file data base. Is it possible to download/load it?

  2. I have an window shading, combination of balcony and interior blind. Is it possible to model the balcony?

  3. Is it possible to add shading from surroundings?

  4. Can we control activity level (met), clothing (clo) and RH in the room ?

  5. Can we add the position of the occupant in the room?

I find some of these points disscused in ESBO manual, but not in ESBO itself and wonder if they are only found in full IDA-ICE version.

Thanks a lot. Sincerley, Aija

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